You are called.

You have been led here out of your need for the next level of knowledge.

Your life will be promoted to another level of understanding and ability through your training and participation here.

Don't be confused. You are here because you are meant to be here.

You are here because you are meant to be here. Your intuitive spirit has brought you to status of member to this group. The content on these pages is a higher level of understanding called the nRaijd Order of Knowledge. You will be led through phases of deeper knowledge as you complete acceptance and understanding of the current level of knowledge. You begin at 0A, also known as everyday life. Your goal is to accept and understand level Zz of the supreme knowledge. This is actually over 3800 levels of acquired knowledge. Some of you have already accomplished some of these. But none of you have accomplished all of them. Even the guide of this path has not acquired all the levels. This spirit-guide is in journey to that level also. Some of the journey goes beyond physical understanding. Enjoy your journey and let others follow you or walk beside you. If they decide to journey, rest assured that their presence is called as well.

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